AoSept Plus (90 ml)solution with case - Product discontinued


AoSept Plus is a single-phased lens care system without additional cleaning agents, and which does not require subsequent rinsing.

The solution works without resorting to additives for a preservative effect, and therefore it does not irritate the eyes.

During the neutralization process, AOsept PLUS releases oxygen bubbles which remain in the your casing at the end of the process, leaving you with perfectly clean the lenses after six hours.

Using this solution will result in clear lenses for perfect vision, and all-day comfort for every occasion. Catalyst discs in the lens capsule ensure that the 3% hydrogen peroxide solution will decompose by the end of the 6-hour disinfection process.

The lens cases are designed with a special valve to prevent any oxygen from escaping.

Store between 15°C to 25 °C. Shield from direct sun heat. Do not mix with water. Never touch the liquid or put it into your eye! Consult your eye-care professional before changing solutions.

Manufacturer: CIBA VISION
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