Biotrue (300 ml)solution with case

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Biotrue™ multi-purpose solution by Bausch & Lomb is specifically designed for soft, silicone-hydrogel contact lenses. This solution is inspired by your eyes very own biology.

Thanks to this, the Biotrue™ multi-functional care products keep the lenses hydrated and their pH value is adjusted to the human tears enabling excellent performance of the disinfectant.

This multi-functional care solution helps to prevent denaturation of the proteins that can be found naturally in the eyes acting as your eye's inborn germ fighters, providing you with extra convenience and a more comfortable, clean, and healthy lens wear experience.

Features of Biotrue (300 ml):

Biotrue™ is suitable for;

  • cleaning
  • protein removal
  • conditioning
  • disinfecting and,
  • storing your contact lenses.
  • Discard three months after opening.

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Manufacturer: BAUSCH+LOMB
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