Boston Advance Conditioning Solution (120 ml)solution with case

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Boston Advance Conditioning Solution by Bausch+Lomb is a solution for gas permeable (GP) contact lenses that is physiologically compatible with the eyes thanks to its patented Multi-polymer comfort system.

It cushions the lens by forming a coating on the surface and keeps it hydrated the entire day and provides complete conditioning, wetting, soaking and disinfecting of the lenses.

Boston Advance Conditioner reduces eyelid chafing while removing irritating and foreign bodies which generate discomfort and dryness to the eye and has an optimized preserving system will help protect your eyes from harmful organisms.

It is designed as part of a two-step lens care system with Boston Advance Cleaner for gas-permeable (GP) contact lenses.

Features of Boston Advance Conditioning Solution (120 ml):

  • Removes lipid & protein deposits and debris
  • Deep cleaning and hydration of lenses
  • Dispose of solution 90 days after opening.
  • NOT for use with soft contact lenses!
Manufacturer: BAUSCH+LOMB
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