SOLO-care Aqua (90 ml)solution with case

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SOLOCARE AQUA® by Menicon is a multi-purpose contact lens solution which uses the HydroLock® effect to deliver excellent hydration and prevents discomfort.

The SOLO-Care Aqua contact lens solution is ideal if you find yourself spending long periods in front of a computer or in an air-conditioned environment. You’ll notice that your eyes will be more comfortable from the moment you put your lenses in, right up to when you take them out.

Features of SOLO-care Aqua (90 ml):

  • Provides quick and easy routine for cleaning, storing and wetting your soft contact lenses
  • Enriched with pro-vitamin B5 to significantly improve comfort for the wearer and maintain your eyes' health
  • Provides long-lasting comfort
Manufacturer: Menicon
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