Water content: 48%
Diameter: 14,5 mm
Oxygen permeability: 116 Dk/t
Multifocal: No
Toric: yes
UV protection: No

Biofinity Toric (3 pcs)monthly contact lenses

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Packaging: 3 lenses per box / box

Wearing time: Monthly

Biofinity Toric is part of the new generation of silicone hydrogel contact lenses from CooperVision™. Patented Aquaform® Technology delivers high oxygen permeability and high water content, resulting in excellent wetting characteristics and a smooth and flexible material. This unique combination ensures a safer and more comfortable experience than with older generation lenses.

Biofinity Toric soft contact lenses feature optimized lens geometry, which stabilizes the lenses to correct astigmatism and guarantee sharp vision. These lenses offer a much larger field of vision than toric cylinder lens glasses and deliver both comfort and convenience.

Benefits of Biofinity Toric (3 pcs):

  • High oxygen permeation for extended wearing
  • High water content to increase wearing comfort
  • Optimized lens geometry for stable astigmatism correction
  • Soft material to ensure a comfortable fit
Manufacturer: CooperVision
Lenses per box: 3 pcs/box
Water content: 48%
Oxygen permeability: 116 Dk/t
Surface shape: Spherical, Hydrophilic
Diameter: 14,5 mm
Texture: soft
Material: Comfilcon A (52%)
UV filter: No
Wear duration: Bi-weekly / Monthly
Base Curve (BC): 8.7
Colour: No
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