Water content: 33%
Diameter: 14,1 mm
Oxygen permeability: 156 Dk/t
Multifocal: No
Toric: No
UV protection: No

Dailies Total 1 (30 pcs)daily contact lenses

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DAILIES® Total 1 water-gradient contact lenses use advanced technology to provide exceptional comfort. The 80% water content of these lenses is almost the same as the surface of the eye's water content. The close to 100% outermost water content provides a silky-smooth gliding surface that remains all day. DAILIES® Total 1 are also exceptionally breathable lenses to ensure that your eyes stay white and healthy and white.

Features of Dailies Total 1 (30 pcs):

  • Water-gradient technology that matches the eye
  • Exceptional comfort lasting all day
  • Exceptional breathability for white eyes
Manufacturer: Alcon
Lenses per box: 30 pcs/box
Water content: 33%
Oxygen permeability: 156 Dk/t
Surface shape: Visitint
Diameter: 14,1 mm
Texture: soft
Material: Delfilcon A (67%)
UV filter: No
Wear duration: Daily
Base Curve (BC): 8.5
Colour: No
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